Thoughts on the passing of a good man.
Here be the list.
On the vanished joys of music ownership. Plus; "Rothaniel" on HBO Max and J.M.W. Turner at the MFA and oncreen.
Out of, oh, roughly 3,700 available on the service
On the stories we tell ourselves when we look at birds
A mixed dozen: Comedies, dramas, B-movies, and art films
The Grammys, the music of our memories, J.M.W. Turner, and LOTS of viewing recommendations.
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The biggest streaming service just took a tumble -- should you still subscribe? And which services really deserve your money?
It may seem odd for a newsletter that specializes in recommending movies on demand to devote a post to movies that you can’t *get* on demand, but it’s a…
Is "The Power of the Dog" a sure thing for Best Picture? Don't bet on it.
The Academy spreads its largesse widely this year.