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A recap of the week's Watch List newsletters

The Watch List goes out in the field and becomes one with everything. Also: Reviews of "Downton Abbey: A New Era" and "Men."
A rock 'n' roll classic turns 50, a review of new movies in theaters and on demand, and a personal eulogy for a long ago time and place and one of the…
Subjects this week include: Late-period Hepburn (Audrey, not Katharine), a wrenching new drama on a very relevant subject, and ten ideas for movies to…
Life after Netflix, a guide to streaming services, and three new movies for the weekend.
This week: Romance in Paris, 10 picks for the city's best film festival, and, for Friday, Vikings, little mothers, and Nicolas Cage as himself (sort…
Why "Severance" works so eerily well, a podcast for those "In the Mood for Love," and ten weekend movie recommendations.
The Grammys, the music of our memories, J.M.W. Turner, and LOTS of viewing recommendations.
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